Saturday, November 13, 2010

who are you

I walk into the room it gets colder
A weary eye as I look over my shoulder
Slowly turn to face it, fears unwound.
It's steps back, never made a sound.
"Strangely enough, I think I've seen you before"
The room left empty, you were never there.
In perpetual melancholy, amusement is rare.
Two sides to my brain, neither one I can spare.
I got demons in my head
and a troll in my heart
I see you in a new light,
something I thought I could never do.
Weep, in fact, beg.
What you want most is that you can never have.
Absent minded to the point of despair.
Completely blinded, I know you don't care.
Internal monsters
Vanquished to the point of insanity
I know who I may be
but who are you?

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