Friday, October 29, 2010


the night is young and lovely
the moon cast his shadow in the ocean floor
the boy sail in the granduer of his little boat
he then starts his journey across the sea

he waves his little hand goodbye
to those people in the seashore
he brought with him grains of hope
and a smile in his face he holds

it was uncertain though what his voyage would be
but what his heart throbs for is to see
what the future holds
he travels alone to follow his destiny

countless days and nights would pass
yet he never cease to row
stormy seas came and hit him with a blow
he just looked up in the sky and closed his eyes
he sets his mind to be still at that time
he was losing hope and yet never failed to trust
that the calmness of the ocean would come to keep him alive

the boy continues to navigate with his boat
exploring the endless possibilities of the unknown

as tommorrow unfolds upon his eyes
he waits for the sun to shine
by then he will see what lies ahead in his journey

he goes on and on rowing on his own
in time he will reach the destination he ought to be
he doesn't know how the voyage would end
but in his heart and mind he continues to mend

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