Friday, October 29, 2010


Looking at the window of my mind
thinking all the people I left behind
Does it worth it?
A wise Man asks me...
The sound of a bird
interrupt the long silence.

I said,
I like the view,
happiness is in the air,
life is in the plants,
and the aroma of her skin
came from places I have never been.

You know,
life is beautiful,
the wise man said,
there are many places you can go
open your winds
and let the air clean your thoughts.

If you are back home,
I don't want to be alone,
my conscience speaks.
What can I say old man,
I wanted to be free,
my heart proclaimed.

After thinking of her,
I know what to do,
I will listing to myself
and feel like I'm new...

Not many people are in my life,
only the reminders of my past time.

The wise man said:
Tell me where you go,
now that I am gone.
my conscience said:
Tell me where I go,
Now that you are gone.

And I keep asking myself:
Are you really gone?
Maybe I should ask her,
the one who took me back home...

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